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Zodiac Explorer Pocket Watch

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This handmade Wind Water Stones Quartz movement Zodiac watch is a truly timeless piece. Suitable for every occasion and matching all suit styles and materials. This traditional accessory features an intricate zodiac face, encased within a white, Roman numbered dial. 

The front and back opening cases are polished for a lustrous shine, effortlessly releasing to reveal the finely detailed patterns and designs on both sides. 

Highest Quality Gemstones
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Wear the Universe

Wear the energy of every planet in the solar system on your wrist. Each of the planets is represented by a different gemstone.

Each Bracelet is Unique.

Each Bracelet is Unique.

Each bracelet is handcrafted with real gemstones, making every piece unique to its owner.



A strong 18k-Gold Plated Stainless Steel frame firmly hugs the stone for protection at the back while resembling a golden aura viewed from the front.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jaxon Golden


Elisha Mcconnell

It's perfect. Considering buying another one for a gift.

Maia Cervantes

Cool looking & my son Loved it. Looks more expensive than the price. Can't answer on durability or time keeping, um at this price point - under $50 we're not expecting a rolex 🤗🧐, but yes, Hopefully the watch lasts a while. & *Mainly - hope the Door/front doesn't break 🤞🏽As thats the Best part!. & the Included Chain! Its All about the Looks. This pocket watch looks Cool. Lots of compliments. Recommended!

Yahir Fleming

I loved the fact that the watch was nice but I'm a big guy and it is small in my face but fit well in my pocket as well as my three piece suits, since I have three chains now I can change the appearance of the watch, the only thing that I did not like about the watch was the fact the battery was dead, I had to place another battery in it to work for me, but it keeps good time

Gideon Velasquez

I have been ill recently and lost quite a lot of weight which I will probably regain in the future. However my wristwatch was flopping all over my wrist and I could not stand it. For an interim timepiece I selected this pocket watch and it appears to be the real thing. It is simple and does not show the date or have an alarm which is fine with me. It keeps very accurate time and using the included chain I keep it attached to my belt. I would buy it again and I would recommend it as an inexpensive yet quality gift.