S990 Silver Luck Gourd Amulet Openable


S990 Silver Luck Gourd Amulet Openable

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Delivered between 8 and 12.

A hand-carved Gourd Amulet made from S990 Silver

This pendant combines aesthetics with functionality, featuring a finely hand-carved 925 silver Gourd which can be opened at anytime. 

In Chinese Feng-Shui studies, writing one's intention on a piece of paper and placing it into the amulet, while operating throughout the day, can help one achieve their preferred energy state. 

The Gourd is double layered. Its top area features a "Seal of Happiness" symbol with various floral designs. Its threading hole uses a natural stalk design to preserve the Gourd shape. 

Between the two sections are patterned seals. 

The lower gourd features the 福 "Fu" auspicious character enhancement in the middle of a sunflower. Floral patterns occupy the rest of the bottom layer, true to the gourd's natural plant origins in nature. 


35 x 20 mm (body)
2.5mm (thread diameter)

990 Silver

20.36 g