S990 Silver Amitābha Scroll Opening Pendant


S990 Silver Amitābha Scroll Opening Pendant

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Delivered between 8 and 12.

An Amitābha scroll hand-carved from S990 Silver

This pendant combines beauty with functionality, featuring a finely hand-carved S990 Silver Amitābha Scroll which can be freely opened and closed. 

In Chinese Feng-Shui studies, writing one's intention on a piece of paper and placing it into the amulet, while operating throughout the day, can help one achieve their preferred energy state. 


The scroll's top end features the auspicious Chinese characters "阿弥陀佛“ which read the same as the Tibetan characters below. 

Tibetan characters "འོད་དཔག" are the Tibetan original chantings. This chanting translates to "Infinite Light" in English, symbolising the delivery of wisdom and knowledge in the form of light to the wearer. 


31 x 12 mm (body)
3.1 mm (thread diameter)

990 Silver

9.78 g