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Himalayan Crystal Luck Tiger

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All items are packaged in a beautiful pine-wood steel-bolt locked box.*

One of our heaviest items, this bracelet leaves a strong impression of both beauty and power. Carefully constructed with 18k Gold Plated pure-bronze & Himalayan Crystal, this heavy-set bracelet will project energy, culture and style straight from your wrist. 

Himalayan Crystal is a translucent gemstone, originating from the planet's highest altitudes. Like the Himalayan Sherpas that help people safely navigate the Earth's highest mountain ranges, Himalayan Crystal carries the protective "Yang" energy of the mountains 15,000 feet above sea level.

Occupying the centre of the bracelet is the exquisitely designed "Heaven Tiger", a ferocious creature of Chinese mythology representing fortune, strength and loyalty. This charm is die-casted from solid bronze, hand-polished with a diamond buff and finally coated with 18k gold to accentuate the body's fine details. Its rear carries the seal of wealth (Symbol of prosperity), on its belly there are the "Fu 福" (Happiness) and "Tsai 财" (Fortune) characters and on its sides are golden-coined tassels. 

On the opposite end is the Golden dice charm. Its finely detailed number markings have opposite sides which always add to the lucky number 7. This dice charm represents luck and fortune. We have included this dice to remind the wearer that life is nothing more than a game of probability, the brave ones that persevere and keep rolling the right dice have no choice but to win eventually.

All bronze elements are casted with diamond, coated with 18k-Gold plating & polished by hand to reveal its fine details at every angle, from top to bottom.

How to use:

Wear this bracelet with the mouth of the Heaven Tiger facing outwardsaway from your body. Traditionally, the left hand is for receiving wealth - the right hand is for giving wealth. (note: the giver often gains more than the receiver!)

Store bracelet overnight in its original wooden box to protect against moisture and humidity. 

Product details:

  • Item type: Bracelet
  • Material: 18k Gold Plated Bronze, Himalayan Crystal
  • Color: Translucent White & Black
  • Cord type: Coconut Rubber Duraflex™ Cord


    • Bead size: 0.31 in / 12mm
    • Length: 7.48 in / 190 mm
    • Weight: 2.57 oz / 73 g

    Note: Colors & polishing may vary slightly on each bracelet as construction is made from natural stones, making each item unique. 


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    Blessings from Buddha.

    Blessings from Buddha.

    The Buddha's image is carefully carved into Chalcedony Jade with fine detail to immortalize its smile.

    18k-Gold Plating

    18k-Gold Plating

    A strong 18k-Gold Plated Stainless Steel frame firmly hugs the stone for protection at the back while resembling a golden aura viewed from the front.

    Peace For All.

    Peace For All.

    No matter what gender, color, size or beliefs - this classic design pairs easily with any style by instantly adding the Buddha's good vibes.

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