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Fidget Rotorbox

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Will The Rotorbox Help Me?

Redirection is a heavily studied and effective method for dealing with anxiety + stress-induced behaviours (eg. leg shaking, nail-biting, body scratching, pen tapping). 

This works by rewiring your brain & teaching it to adopt an alternative to these behaviours, such as spinning your Rotorbox!

Common Anxiety Symptoms:

- Biting nails, tapping or picking at your skin. 
- General lethargy despite sleeping more. 
- Struggling to fall and stay asleep. 
- Feeling tense or nervous.
- Random outbursts of anger or sadness. 
- Panic attacks and OCD-like symptoms. 
- Meaningless anxiety around other people. 
- A development or feeling of a lack of control over phobias and PTSD.

Will The Rotorbox Cut Me?

No. The Rotorbox is shaped using ultra-precise CNC Lasers from solid brass and polished by hand to ensure smooth edges and a perfect spin. Every Rotorbox is built to last at least 3,300 hours of spin time, without ever missing a spin or cutting your skin!

How Fast Will It Arrive?

USA: Free Delivery - 3-7 business days

UK: Free Delivery - 3-7 business days

CANADA: Free Delivery - 5-10 business days

AUSTRALIA: Free Delivery - 3-7 business days

NEW ZEALAND: Free Delivery - 5-10 business days

*We offer next business day dispatch on all orders. During peak holiday shopping periods please allow an extra 1-3 days as our courier becomes very busy during these periods.

Can I Return My RotorBox If Needed?

If you are one of the 264 million people in the world who experience anxiety, the Rotorbox is for you. Its gears are highly satisfying to spin in multiple directions so you will never bored. The Rotorbox reduce your anxious behaviours and calm your mind in stressful situations by using the technique of redirection, backed up extensively by psychologists and behavioural research. 

Don’t let your anxious tics get the better of you and start investing in mental health. Watch how you’re able to cope and develop new habits in ANY stressful or anxious situation situation by using the Rotorbox regularly.

Purchase the Rotorbox and spin out all of your stress and anxiety, in the most satisfying, interesting and cost-effective way possible. 

The Rotorbox is designed to help calm the mind and relieve anxiety. Repetitively spinning its gears assists in concentration as well as productivity. Medical professionals have stated that Rotorboxes (much like fidget spinners) assist individuals who are hypersensitive in some environments or are highly stressed.

"We were looking for a way to help our daughter with her anxiety and we found the Fidget Rotobox. It's been great for helping her focus in school, and keeps her from being so tense all the time. She loves that it's shiny and makes a fun sound when you spin it."

Harriette W. from New York City, NY

Ultimate Stress Relief

This fidget cube is perfect for those who need a little help relaxing. Simply spin the gearbox and let your worries fade away.

Super Satisfying Spin

Super Satisfying Spin

Our one-of-a-kind fidget toy weighs the perfect amount to spin without friction, making it extremely satisfying to play with. Plus, it's small enough to take with you anywhere you go. Give the Fidget Gearbox a try today and see for yourself how much fun it can be!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Mark Galloway
Almost great

This could be the best fidgeter EVER if that could figure out how to make it spin on two axises. It is tough to put down. Just hand it to anyone and they can't leave it alone. Would have received 5 stars but tends to unscrew.

Highly Recommend

I found this product to be of excellent quality and works well. When it arrived I did have to screw on one of the gears but that was easy & went on nicely. I use this to help distract me from pain or while waiting at a Drs office. It's calming & has a steam punk feel. The gears seem well built & I am very satisfied. Highly recommend.

I have about 20 on my desk that people love to play with and this is one of the ...

I have many types of spinners. I have about 20 on my desk that people love to play with and this is one of the coolest and very interesting. Nice and compact.

Brian Mac
Perfect; works as designed! High quality, good weight.

To all those complaining it "comes apart" when you spin the gears: don't spin the gears! The spinner is meant to spin on one axis, as you can see in the photo I've included here. While spinning, all four gears spin too (think eye-candy). Yes, if you grasp a gear and attempt to spin it, you will unscrew the pin holding the gear to the body. So don't.If you *do* unscrew it, simply remember this: washer innermost, then the bearing assembly with the bearings-visible side facing toward the centre, then the pin. Screw the pin (clockwise) to tighten.

Solid, heavy, Smooth

All gears spin, but only one side spins. Make sure you hand tighten all the caps - might need to redo occasionally. It will spin a long time and smoothly, and reasonably quiet. The case is a nice touch but inside has a lot of hair like strands.

Edit: The more I fidget with it the more I like it. And I've gotten compliments from others for it. I just bought another one, in case some klepto decides to swipe it from me. However, I noticed occasionally, one of gears (top/bottom) will not spin.