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Free Shipping on all US Orders
Free Shipping on all US Orders


When can I expect my package?

Our average shipping times are 10-15 days to the United States.  *Customs delays and current world events may prolong shipping times* 

How can I reach customer service?

-You can simply send a message in the contact form located in the main menu or you can send us an email to

What is the return policy?

-If you aren’t satisfied with your product send it back within 30 days for a full refund. 

Why did I receive only one of my items?

-If you purchased two different items, they may be dispatched at different times due to stock availability. Don’t worry as your other item will arrive shortly. You can track your package from the section in our main menu.

What will the charge be on my credit card statement?

-When you purchase, your credit card statement should reflect a charge from "WINDWATERSTONES", *This may vary by credit card issuer*